It is thought that Brian Lopes and Mike King were the first to race BMX with clipless pedals. But this wasn't the case. There were two racer who used them before Lopes and King. The first was expert racer Peter Kemling (Powerlite) and Pro Racer Aaron Cooke brother of Xgames gold medalist Allan Cooke. Peter Kemling put clipless pedals on his BMX bike in 92 after he was involved in a large accident were he slipped his flat hutch pedal and was struck by a car. Aaron Cooke put clipless on his BMX after using them on his mountain bike around the same time. Aaron Cooke was seen at Coal Canyon BMX race track by Lopes and King. Lopes went on to win the ABA World Cup using clipless. Other notable racers that used clipless on there BMX bikes before it was the standard race setup....Jason Freed, Chris Powell, Steven Laralde'Template:Cycling-stub Reference: Peter Kemling, Aaron Cooke, Mike King

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