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Template:Unreferenced A clown bicycle or clown bike is a bicycle designed for comedic visual effect or stunt riding, typically by Circus clowns. It is sometimes called a circus bike.

Types of clown bike Edit

  • bucking bike (with one or more eccentric wheels);
  • tall bike (often called an upside down bike, constructed so that the pedals, seat and handlebars are all higher than normal)
  • Come-apart bike, (essentially a unicycle, plus a set of handlebars attached to forks and a wheel).
  • tiny bicycle
  • small wheel bicycle

Some clown bikes are also built that are directly geared, with no freewheeling, so that they may be pedaled either forward or backwards. Some are built very small but are otherwise relatively normal. Pedaling an extremely small bicycle is very difficult and usually much slower than walking, so there is little practical advantage to having a bicycle that will fit in one's purse or pocket. But they are very funny.

See also Edit

External links Edit

  • The Clown House, a house in northeast Portland, Oregon, that is home to many clown bikes.

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