NZ Cycling Conference is a series of cycle planning conferences started in 1997 in Hamilton. The conferences are one of the key ways of exchanging expertise about planning and design for cycling in New Zealand.

Conference Organisation Edit

Initially, conference attendees and speakers were mainly cycle advocates, but the conferences have developed a broad appeal across all sectors that are involved in policy, promotion and provision for cyclists.

The conferences are organised by an organising committee made up of representatives of various organisations. In 2009, these are Cycling Advocates' Network, NZ Transport Agency, Ministry of Health and New Plymouth District Council.

Past Conferences Edit

Conferences have been held in the following locations:

1997 Hamilton Edit

The conference was held on 15 October. The conference theme was "Planning for and Promoting Cycling in Urban Areas".

2000 Palmerston North Edit

The conference was held on 14-15 July. The conference theme was "Making Cycling Viable".

2001 Christchurch Edit

The conference was held on 21-22 September[1]. The conference theme was "Transport for Living". The guest speaker was Karel de Roy from the Netherlands.

File:Garry Moore Conference Opening.jpg

2003 North Shore Edit

The conference was held on 10-11 October[2]. The conference theme was "Cycling Strategies - And How to Implement Them".

2005 Hutt City Edit

The conference was held on 14-15 October. The conference theme was "Changing Lanes - Cycling into the Mainstream".

2007 Napier Edit

The conference was held on 1-2 November[3]. The conference theme was "Getting There by Bike".

Planned Conference Edit

2009 New Plymouth Edit

The conference will be on 12-13 November. The conference theme will be "Communities, connections and the economy". The keynote speakers are Phillip Darnton from Cycling England and Assoc. Prof. Chris Rissel from the University of Sydney.

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